Seriously addictive hot sauces, heat levels to suit every taste, delivered right to your door

Thousand Apologies hot sauces are for the flavor-obsessed spice addicts. They're the sauces that go everywhere with you; they're the sauces that promise to pair perfectly with everything you eat. Crafted using only the finest locally sourced ingredients and our beloved Australian natives. Spice up your life, test your heat tolerance, try new recipes, or simply find something to sauce and eat.

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Hot hot but good hot, seriously delicious and it now goes on absolutely everything.

- Jen

Hot off the press

  1. Thousand Apologies celebrates Australia

    When starting Thousand Apologies, without question it had to be Australian, using only locally sourced ingredients while representing our country in the best possible way — through a rich history that hasn’t yet been given the recognition it deserves.

  2. Sarnie places in Melbourne to live by

    The 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu assembled the world's original sandwich in the 1700s. Bet he didn't know it would go viral well into the 2020's. Whether it's a chip sandwich, the humble ham & cheese, a decadent lobster roll or an ice-cream one, it's a staple that deserves a brag.
  3. Fish Tacos

    Don't be put off by the ingredients list, it may be long but these tacos are really quick to whip up and it really is worth the trouble. They're great for a weeknight meal but work equally as well if you have friends over for a casual dinner.
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