A Thousand Apologies Story

Some Like It Hot

Our first batch was made up of a hot, a hotter, and a hottest sauce. We knew we were onto something when demand from friends and family was hard to keep up with. When we created an almost unsauceable hot sauce, we soon realized there were a lot of really messed up people out there willing to suffer or see someone suffer.

And so came Thousand Apologies, and it’s only just the beginning. We’ve paired our hot sauces with to-die-for Australian Natives and sourced ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. We maintain a passion for making curious sauces with a focus on exceptionally good ingredients that are 100% Australian.

Photo: Cristoforo Colombo explorer, navigator and early discoverer of the capisicum chilli

For the crack addicts

Our hot sauces promise to bring out your inner cult addict; and we say that with almost no fanfare whatsoever.

The circular boom

Honestly, we’re not just jumping on the bandwagon here. Our roots are grounded in being a truly circular business.

Our glass bottles are the responsible kind – totally curbside recyclable. And if you return your used bottles for us to sterilise and reuse, we’ll gift you a hot sauce with your next order.

Our labels? Printed with compostable inks and a no-nonsense, non-toxic adhesive.

And that packaging? Dressed in recycled, FSC-certified materials with a touch of organic water & pigment-based inks. When you're done, it's a simple choice – compost or recycle in your home bins.

To complete the circular story, soon we will have a bunch of locations for bottle drop-offs, but till then, return your bottle, and we'll send you a sauce on the house with your next order.

Worthwhile for everyone

We feel pretty lucky to have access to some seriously tasty ingredients, namely Australian natives. We’ve checked our suppliers and their supply chains, and unless they are supporting indigenous communities, it’s a no from us. Each year we nominate one charity to support by donating 1% of our profits. This year it’s Nutrition Plus, an organisation dedicated to providing indigenous communities and disadvantaged people with access to better nutrition.

— Hot people like it hot — Hot people like it hot — Hot people like it hot — Hot people like it hot — Hot people like it hot