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We've been adding heat to our meals all our lives, and we've picked up a lot of knowledge along the way. Partnering with passionate, like-minded individuals is something we value deeply at Thousand Apologies — whether it's those who cultivate the chillies, the way our team come together to create our sauces, or those who want to join us in stocking our sauces.

We reckon that surrounding ourselves with good company is essential to building a successful business.

The Thousand Apologies story.

Debuting with three distinct flavours, our first mission was to make a nice sauce for the capsaicinophiles out there and to distract ourselves from the Melbourne winters. We then took it to the next level by seeingif we could challenge them a little with an almost unconsumable hot sauce. We soon realised there were a lot of really messed up people out there willing to suffer or see someone suffer. Our secondary mission was to create exciting and interesting hot sauces with big flavours and great packaging that didn’t reference a devil with flames or names with the word “death.”

Why Thousand Apologies

Good for the planet

Embracing the principle of cicularity, our production process focuses on minimising waste, with any leftovers being composted. Our eco-conscious approach extends to our glass bottles, which are not only curbside recyclable but soon to be part of our reuse program- returned used bottles will be sterilised and refilled. Our labels are printed with compostable inks and a no-nonsense, non-toxic adhesive. The packaging, is decked out in recycled, FSC-certified materials with a touch of organic water and pigment-based inks making it fully compostable or recyclable in home bins.

Good ingredients

Our sauces are pure perfection: gluten-free, all-natural, and crafted with 100% Australian ingredients. No preservatives, additives, thickeners, binders, gums, colouring, or stabilisers—just pure flavour.

Good for everyone

Each year, we commit to donating 1% of our profits to a chosen charity. Despite being relatively new (and recognising that our profits might not yet be substantial), this year, we're wholeheartedly supporting a cause that deeply resonates with us. For our first year in business (and we haven't seen the whole year yet) we donated and slept at the 2024 Sleep at the 'G event hosted by Melbourne City Mission.

— Hot people like it hot — Hot people like it hot — Hot people like it hot — Hot people like it hot — Hot people like it hot