• Batch Two Set

Batch Two Set

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This one is for the connoisseurs, the chilli addicts. A set containing three levels of heat and flavour profiles to go with everything you eat. Anytime, any place.

What's inside:

The racy Davidson x Habanero heroes Australian native davidson plum, chocolate habeneros and then combines with ginger and muscovado sugar to bring hot sauce lovers the perfect blend of pep and flavour.

Heat Level — Hot
Chillies — Habenero
Try it with — Everything


The feisty Finger Lime x Jalapeno is made using Australian native finger lime and pepperberry, and then combines with jalapeno, slow-cooked onions, and garlic to bring you medium-ish umami goodness. 

Heat Level — Medium
Chillies — Jalapeno
Try it with — Everything 


The ouchy Desert Lime x Carolina sauce heroes Australian native desert lime, pepperberry, and the deadly Carolina Reaper. Add to that organic apple cider vinegar, garlic, and muscovado sugar to give you a giddy, caramelly flavor bomb.
Heat Level — Super Hot

Chillies — Carolina Reaper
Try it with — Everything


As always, no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours and only made with 100% Australian ingredients. 


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