Thousand Apologies celebrates Australia

Australia innately celebrates its cultural diversity but it has taken almost forever for us all to catch up with our Australian history.

When starting Thousand Apologies, without question it had to be Australian, use only locally sourced ingredients and represent our country in the best possible way — through a rich history that hasn’t yet been given the recognition it deserves.

The love for Australian natives grew as we learned more about them. They have thousands of years of rich culture and history woven into them, and are a way for us Australians to truly to connect to our land and our people. It's about celebrating our culture, supporting our communities, while contributing to a sustainable future.

Add to that some knock out health benefits, more antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins than their more commonly known counterparts and scientifically proven to deliver on the promises.

Many of our native plants are impressively drought-resistant which leads to a reduction in the usage of irrigation in key ecological areas and wetlands, helping to preserve habitats while feeding our ever growing population.

The rise of native foods is seeing much needed support for regional communities, offering economic opportunities in areas where traditional agriculture have seen challenges. The Australian Native Food and Botanical Association reports that First Nations involvement in the sector has already led to a rise of 60% in employment rates in some areas, which is a significant increase where we will see First Nations People harness their land and cultural assets for communal growth.

So, here we are. Ready to surprise your senses while we celebrate Australia's bounty.